Warning Signs


At first glance, the Warning Signs of sexual abuse may look like normal childhood behavior.

Warning Signs involving sexuality are a particular red flag, as are signals of body shame and painful secrets. Shutting down and intense acting out are both signals of distress.

You'll notice that Warning Signs tend to come in pairs, with an "acting out" and "acting in" version of the same issue.

But you don't have to know for certain that abuse has taken place in order to help a child. The Toolkit is designed to be supportive and non-intrusive. You should be able to use the Tools with your students even if there is no proven abuse, and even if there is no professional counselor available. Need more help? Let us know!



Bullied   I   Bullying

Isolated  I  Has Team of Bodyguards

Can't Trust  Trusts Blindly

Hides Sexuality  I  Overtly Sexual

Rescues Others  I  Self-Destructive

Hyper-Alert  I  Spacey Daydreamer

Over-Reacts  I  Frozen Feelings

Persistent Sadness  I  Happy Face

Excessive Guilt  I  Can't Take Criticism

Flees from DramaCreates Drama

General Appearance


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