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Many abused kids are on high alert mode in response from constant fear.

Their nervous systems will over-react to the smallest threat. And their bodies are taken along for the ride. Before long they are spiraling in a tornado of emotion and drama. It takes them a long time to calm down, and they may disrupt others in the process.

These kids may appear to be attention-seeking, and may be reprimanded for this, when they are just responding as their nervous systems dictate. They may escalate into suicidal behavior when the emotion becomes too much for them. IF SO, REFERRAL TO A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IS ESSENTIAL.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for Over-Reacting kids is built to help -

• Offer emergency referrals
• Coordinate safety plan with mental health professionals
• Understand brain and body’s reaction to trauma
• Manage stress and emotional reactions
• Teach conflict resolution through negotiation skills

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