Where to Look for Warning Signs - Social Media

There are clues in the behavior of abused kids when communicating online and on the phone that may reveal Warning Signs of childhood sexual abuse. Sexualized content has become widely available, so here you should look for an unusual volume, themes of dominance and evidence of “grooming,” or slowly being lured in by online predators. Don’t rule out family and friends—most abuse happens with someone the child knows.

Click a specific Warning Sign below to dig deeper. You’ll see an explanation, and a Toolkit built specifically for each Warning Sign. Just order the free Tools and get started helping a vulnerable child!


Creates sexually provocative posts, photos, texts, videos especially with dominant or submissive themes
Receives excessive and dominance-themed sexual content from peers or unknown adults
Communicates with unknown persons and arranges to meet them

Withdraws fearfully from slightest conflict

Creates drama between peers while appearing agitated and over-stimulated

Avoids 1:1 communication

Preoccupied with rescuing others to the point of obsession

Spends excessive time in imaginary world to detriment of self, especially if seems fearful of reality