Where to Look for Warning Signs - General Appearance

There are clues in the appearance of abused kids that may reveal Warning Signs of childhood sexual abuse. They go to extremes, either dressing with sexual provocation or unusual avoidance of sexuality and body-awareness. They often wear layers of clothing as protection, or aggressive-looking outfits to feel scare away abusers.

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Multi-layered clothing inappropriate for weather, especially with obesity
Paramilitary or hyper-masculine clothing with defensive body language
Poor hygiene and soiled clothing
Sexually provocative clothing unusual for age and setting
Piercings, tattoos, jewelry with violent themes
Submissive body language with poor personal boundaries
Poor eye contact relative to cultural norm

Appears perfect and is distressed if not perfect

Always surrounded by peers who function as a team of bodyguards

Appears spaced out and detached from people and surroundings. May be accident prone and bump into things often.