Trusts Blindly

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Abused kids often try to protect themselves by pretending nothing happened.

They stay in a fantasy-land where nothing bad happens to them. Or they attach to anyone who gives them a crumb of attention.

The betrayal of trust in sexual abuse is enormous. It’s an assault on a child’s basic security, as 90% of sexual offenders are known to the child. That means that a trusting relationship turned dangerous. The stronger the initial trust, the more the damage.

Some kids deal with this by never trusting again. But some kids do the opposite: they latch on to anyone who shows them attention, or seems to provide some measure of security. And if that person abuses them, they assume its okay. 

So they don’t tell about their abuse.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who Trust Blindly is built to help -

• Understand how trauma can impact trust
• Begin appropriate adult mentoring
• Set boundaries with negotiating skills
• Project powerful body language
• Learn what’s special about each child

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