Spacey Daydreamer

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Abused kids often try to protect themselves by travelling somewhere else—in their minds.

They let their imaginations take them to a place where nothing bad happens. They appear spacey, and are often reprimanded for this. They may appear mistakenly to have a learning disability. Sometimes the behavior results in an actual mental health disorder called dissociation.

These children appear to float through life. They may bump into things, as if they didn’t have a body. They separate their abuse from their reality, so they don’t tell anyone their secret.

This behavior becomes a warning sign when it disrupts their normal development. It is not meant to be confused with a normally imaginative child who is meeting their developmental goals.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who are Spacey Daydreamers is built to help -

• Understand how trauma can impact attention
• Define their wants and needs
• Teach assertive communication skills
• Become grounded in their body

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