Rescues Others

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One way that kids cope with being abused is by becoming a doormat for others.

Some sexually abused kids learn that they can stay safe if they give the abuser what they want. Their job becomes to anticipate what others’ need, and deliver it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, their needs are neglected. They eventually lose the ability to know what they think and feel, because they are so tuned into others. Setting goals becomes difficult when they don’t know what they want.

These kids will be noticed by their efforts to rescue others at the expense of themselves. This isn’t an altruistic behavior in this case, its compulsively driven by fear.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who Rescue Others is built to help -

• Understand the impact of trauma and fear
• Teach assertiveness and negotiation skills
• Discover the child’s likes and dislikes
• Hold their bodies in positions of assertiveness
• Learn to manage their stress

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