TOOL II:  Teach Negotiation Skills

TOOL II: Teach Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation Skills TOOLBook (PDF, 10 PAGES)

Abused kids often become passive or aggressive to protect themselves from abuse. Both attitudes can lead to further abuse, conflictual relationships with friends and authorities, and even violence.

Conflict can't be fairly resolved when kids dig into their positions. But thankfully, kids LOVE to negotiate. They just need simple tips on how to do it well.

This TOOLBook offers step-by-step methods from the Harvard Negotiation Project to harness kids' love of negotiation to -

  • Identify 4 types of negotiators
  • Learn your negotiation style
  • Know why learning what your adversary wants is crucial
  • Empower passive kids with self-assessment
  • Soften aggressive kids with alert listening skills
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