TOOL II: Teach Personality Typology

TOOL II: Teach Personality Typology

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      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TOOL. Everyone needs to know who they are. Especially kids who have lost their confidence. Our favorite free personality typing survey designed for non-therapists is the Riso Enneagram model.

      This typing system includes an exclusive Levels of Development guide describing how you can grow and change, but still remain true to yourself-
        • Builds confidence and humility
        • Discover strengths and weaknesses student without shaming them
        • Designed for non-psychologists' use
        • Offers 3 free questionnaires and one detailed paid version
          1.  Get the weblink NOW:
          2.  Or, ADD TO ORDER to download a handy 3x5 index TOOLLink Reminder Card with website description and weblink url -
            • Give to older student for their independent use
            • Post on your classroom bulletin board
            • Share with co-workers, friends and family
            • Copy and Keep in your TOOLKit file for easy referrals
            • Take test yourself to increase effectiveness at work and home