Has Team of Bodyguards

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Abused kids sometimes feel protected by surrounding themselves with tough kids, or a Team of Bodyguards.

These kids may act tough, and may even be aggressive at times, but they are just trying not to feel as scared and victimized as they really do.

The risk is that they won’t build their own confidence. Or worse, they’ll succumb to peer pressure and commit crimes to prove themselves.

They may tell their buddies about their abuse, but rarely someone who could really help them deal with it.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids with a Team of Bodyguards is built to help -

• Understand the origin of their fear in trauma
• Teach negotiation skills with powerful peers
• Assume the body language of confidence
• Discover what they think and feel without the influence of others

Help a child learn how to feel confident again! Build your FREE Toolkit by clicking and ordering your favorite Tools below.