General Appearance

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On the one hand, sexually abused kids look like any other kid. They come in every size, color, clothing style, ethnicity, region and family income level.

On the other hand, there are some tell-tale signs that a child just maybe has a painful secret. And many of these signs show up in their everyday appearance -

• Highly provocative clothing for the setting
• “Perfect” age inappropriate grooming , especially if anxious and secretive
• Frequent sexualized comments and gestures
• Multi-layered clothing too heavy for weather, especially with obesity
• Long sleeves too warm for weather
• Poor eye contact (relative to culture) and slouched, depressed body language
• Aggressive-looking piercings, tattoos & accessories that signal “stay away”
• Poor hygiene especially with persistent sad, withdrawn appearance
• Paramilitary clothing with unusually defensive body language
• Obesity, especially with poor eye contact (relative to culture) and defensive body language
• Unusually androgynous clothing that signals “stay away”

These kids are not yet showing behavioral warning signs, so their Toolkit is designed to :

  • Increase confidence through self-knowledge
  • Develop body language and awareness
  • Encourage assertive communication skills
  • Strengthen social skills through negotiation
  • Discover individual strengths and weaknesses

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