Flees From Drama

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Abused kids operate at a high frequency of fear. Their nerves are on edge, waiting for another shoe to drop.
Their adrenaline and stress hormones often propel them into action at the slightest hint of conflict, drama, or even loud noise. In the extreme, these kids fantasize about fleeing their problems through suicide. A MENTAL HEALTH REFERRAL SHOULD BE MADE FOR ANY CHILD SHOWING WARNING SIGNS OF SUICIDE.

The problem is that kids’ usual environments are inherently noisy. Schools are often noisy places, and if a child flees from every loud or busy situation, their energy is spent on avoiding the seeming threat, rather than learning or socializing.

This avoidance of busy places can follow them throughout life, robbing them of potentially rich experiences.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who Flee from Drama is built to help -

• Provide suicide prevention and safety plan resources
• Reduce fleeing behavior by understanding trauma’s effects
• Develop calming and focus skills

Help a child learn how to stand their ground! Build your FREE Toolkit by clicking and ordering your favorite Tools below.