Creates Drama

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Abused kids operate at a high frequency of stimulation. Their stress hormones and adrenaline keep their nerves are on edge, waiting for another shoe to drop.

Some kids handle this fear by becoming invisible. Others direct the energy out and create emotional drama, getting others worked up to the frenzied state that they feel inside.

In the extreme, the frenzy overwhelms them, and their only perceived way out is suicide. A MENTAL HEALTH REFERRAL SHOULD BE MADE FOR ANY CHILD SHOWING WARNING SIGNS OF SUICIDE.

Preoccupation with drama robs these kids of the energy needed to learn and socialize in a healthy way.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who Create Drama is built to help -

• Create suicide prevention and safety plan with mental health team
• Teach trauma’s effects on the nervous system
• Discover child’s natural strengths and weaknesses
• Learn calming and focusing skills

Help a child learn how to pick their battles carefully! Build your FREE Toolkit by clicking and ordering your favorite Tools below.