Can't Take Criticism

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While some abused kids respond by becoming excessively guilty, others protect themselves by deflecting any criticism at all.

Sexual abuse creates a sense of shame in all its victims. This shame can feel so overwhelming that kids can’t tolerate even a shred more negative feeling about themselves.

And so they deflect any criticism, even feedback not related to the abuse. They just can’t hear any negativity about themselves.

So they miss out on important feedback about their learning and behavior. They miss out on learning what their real strengths and weaknesses are, rather than the distorted negative images that they take on from the abuse.

The Teachers’ Trauma Toolkit for kids who Can’t Take Criticism is built to help -

• Understand how trauma causes shame
• Initiate safe adult mentoring
• Build self-esteem
• Identify wants and limits through negotiation skills
• Objectively deliver feedback on strengths and weaknesses

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