Where to Look for Warning Signs - Sports Activities

Many situations in sports environments may reveal Warning Signs of child sexual abuse. Look for body shame, and either extreme attention-seeking or avoidance of attention.

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          Locker Room Warning Signs

          Sexually harasses or bullies others
          Sexual acts in public places
          Is sexually harassed, repeatedly
          Is sexually assaulted
          Violence-themed tattoos
          Afraid to undress, unusually modest for cultural norm
          Poor hygiene
          Self-injury scars: repetitive scrapes/cuts, cigarette burns
          Genital or anal bleeding or scars
          Genital or nipple piercings
          Extreme under or over-weight
          Habitual vomiting or use of laxatives
          Makes no effort to protect self

          Weight Room Warning Signs

            Obsessive bodybuilding with defensive body language
            Dominating behavior


            Can't take constructive criticism, especially with pronounced shame

            Surrounds self with strong protectors